Striving to Push the Limits
of Their Tattooing

Joe K Worrall and Casi Williams met in the first studio they both apprenticed at and have been together and working along side each other ever since.

They have both worked in multiple studios across the U.K including Birmingham, Coventry & High Wycombe.

The Artists

Both artists are always striving to push the limits of their tattooing.

They showcase their tattooing and artwork through working tattoo conventions and working guest spots in studios and venues all across the country.

Joe K Worrall has been in the tattooing scene since he was a kid as his step dad is a tattooist who used to have a studio in Shrewsbury  town center a few years ago.

After 5 years of travelling around, working with many artists and building up a name for himself,  Joe has returned to his hometown, Shrewsbury.

Casi Williams who is originally from Telford, Shropshire had no background in the tattooing scene except for an ambition to learn and develop as a tattooist and also as an artist.

Both artists love to work using many mediums in their artwork. Styles include digital, pencil and oil painting.