Joe K Worral
Specializes in horror, colour realism, black and grey, portraiture

Joe has been tattooing for just over 8 years and was originally taught the basics by his step dad (Paul). He has been around different artists most of his life, taking influences and developing his own styles. He also paints in oils and has many other interest’s in different mediums of art.

Joe specializes in horror, colour realism, dark black and grey, and portraiture

Casi Williams
Colour realism, watercolour, flowers and animal portraiture.

Casi has been tattooing for over 6 years. She has completed a traditional 3 year tattooing apprenticeship and originally did just body piercing before she could tattoo.

Since Casi was little she has always been around art, her main inspiration, her dad has always painted and has even held art exhibitions when she was younger. Casi can put her hand to many styles of tattooing but her personal preference is colour realism, watercolour, flowers and animal portraiture.