Joe K

Is a 35 year old tattoo artist from Shrewsbury.

Joe has been tattooing since around 2006 and started his learning early with his stepdad. He has been striving and pushing himself ever since to create the best tattoos he can, specialising in colour and black grey realism, specifically horror and pop culture portraiture.

In his spare time he will be spending time with his family in their campervan, out in nature or up a hill, painting movie posters or playing music.

Loves: Casi (as she definitely didn’t write these) Noodles, cats & rollercoasters
Hates: Cooking, loud chewers & all spiders

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Joe K<br />Worrall

Is a 36 year old tattoo artist originally from Telford. Casi has been tattooing since around 2008, starting her journey in wellington. Casi has pushed herself through the years, to land herself doing the most beautiful tattoos she loves to do, specialising in watercolour, floral, animal, nature realism.

In her spare time, she loves to be outside in nature, foraging and spending time with her family their campervan and painting delicate watercolour paintings

Loves: noodles, cats and rollercoasters
Hates: Stepping on slugs, grumpy people & soggy biscuits

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Casi<br />Worrall

Is a 25 year old Tattoo artist born and bred in Shrewsbury.

Abbie is creatively minded and strives each day to push herself and her art to perfection.

Abbie is competent is most tattoo styles but prefers to work in black & grey specialising in portraiture, realism, delicate florals and fauna.

In her spare time she enjoys getting lost in nature, exploring the wilderness and making friends with animals.

Having a naturally creative mind she loves to wind down in the evenings by putting pencil to paper and drawing to her hearts content.

Loves: nothing
Hates: everything

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Abbie<br />Fletcher

Thom Harrill is a 22 year artist from Shrewsbury. Even though he is our youngest and most recent artist to join the team he has heaps of potential.

He prefers working in black and grey and enjoys tattooing portraits. He also loves to try different styles to push himself further with each piece he creates.

In his spare time he enjoys painting, boxing & spending time with his partner & dogs

Loves: Matty Healy & flared trousers Hates: sprouts & wellies

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Tom<br />Harrill

Zero is our ever so lovely body piercer from Telford.

He has been piercing now for nearly 10 years and is full of knowledge about his profession.

Zero work’s with enthusiasm taking care to make sure everything is just right.

He is always happy to reassure and help nervous people during their piercings. Whether it’s their first piercing or their 50th.

Loves: sleep
Hates: going to bed at a reasonable time

Zero<br />Rozas
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